Utility Trailer

Removable Safety Chains
Removable Safety Chains
2K A-Frame Jack
2K A Frame Jack
EZ Steps
EZ Steps on all four corners
Treated Pine Deck
2"x8" Treated Pine Deck
4" Wrapped Channel
4" Wrapped Channel That Ties Into Front Axle Brackets
6 Ply Radial Tires
ST205/75R15 6 Ply Radial Tires
Stake Pockets
Spare Tire Mount Optional
Trailer Width Between Wood Sides 2" Smaller
Trailer Width BETWEEN Wood Sides is 2" Smaller Than Total Trailer Width. (Example: 77" Wide is 75" Wide between the wood sides)
4' Angle Mesh Gate
4' Angle Mesh Gate Folds Flat For Transport Resulting In Increased Fuel Mileage.
1x6 - 24" Treated Wood Sides
1x6 24" Treated Wood Sides
LED Lights in Sealed Rear Crossmember
LED Lights in Sealed Rear Crossmember
Heavy Duty Jeep Style Fenders
Heavy Duty Tread Plate Jeep Style Fenders
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600 Series
770 Series

About the Trailer

Introducing the Doolittle Woody – the ultimate utility trailer that's as versatile as it is rugged. Whether you're tackling tasks around the home and garden or need a reliable companion for light-duty commercial work, the Woody is up to the challenge.

One standout feature is our 4' mesh gate, engineered to withstand tough loads while still providing easy access for loading and unloading. Plus, it folds flat to the deck when not in use, helping to optimize fuel economy during empty trips.
Built to last with quality craftsmanship, the Woody is packed with features that set it apart as the best value trailer in its class. From its sturdy construction to its thoughtful design elements, the Woody is ready to tackle whatever you throw its way, making it the ideal choice for anyone in need of a dependable utility trailer.
Key Features
  • - **4' Mesh Gate (Folds Flat to Deck):**
  • Maximize convenience and versatility with the 4-foot mesh gate that folds flat to the deck, providing seamless integration and easy access for loading and unloading operations.
  • - **Heavy Duty Tread Plate Jeep Style Fenders:**
  • Experience unmatched durability and rugged style with heavy-duty tread plate Jeep-style fenders, offering superior protection against debris and road hazards while adding a touch of off-road flair.
  • - **24" Sides (3-1"x6" Treated Yellow Pine Boards Secured With Carriage Bolts):**
  • Enhance cargo containment and versatility with 24-inch sides featuring three 1-inch by 6-inch treated yellow pine boards secured with carriage bolts, ensuring sturdy construction and reliable performance for a variety of hauling tasks.
  • - **LED Lights in Sealed Rear Crossmember:**
  • Illuminate your surroundings with confidence using LED lights strategically integrated into the sealed rear crossmember, providing long-lasting brightness and enhanced visibility for safer travels, even in low-light conditions.
  • - **4" Wrapped Channel That Ties Into Front Axle Brackets:**
  • Ensure structural integrity and stability with a 4-inch wrapped channel that ties into front axle brackets, providing robust support and reinforcement for dependable performance under heavy loads and rough terrain.
  • - **EZ Steps On All Four Corners:**
  • Facilitate easy access to your trailer from any angle with EZ steps on all four corners, offering convenient entry and exit points for added accessibility and safety during loading and unloading operations.
  • - **Removable Safety Chains:**
  • Enhance towing safety and compliance with removable safety chains, offering easy attachment and detachment while ensuring secure towing connections and peace of mind on the road.
  • - **2 Part Epoxy Primer:**
  • Protect your investment with a high-quality two-part epoxy primer, providing superior corrosion resistance and paint adhesion for long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • - **2 Part Polyurethane Paint:**
  • Achieve a flawless finish and enhanced durability with a two-part polyurethane paint, offering superior resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and abrasions while ensuring a sleek and professional appearance for your trailer.
Standard Features
  • 1 Year Structural Warranty
  • 4x4 Fully Sealed Rear Bumper With Lifetime LED Lighting
  • EZ Lube Hubs
  • Radial Tires
  • Spring Axle
  • 2"x8" Treated Yellow Pine Deck
Trailer Options
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Epoxy Tuff
At Doolittle Trailers, we understand the importance of durability and longevity when it comes to your trailer's finish. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that our trailers are prepped and finished with top-quality materials that are built to last.
Each Doolittle trailer is prepped with a two-part Epoxy Primer, providing a strong foundation for the paint to adhere to. We then apply a two-part Polyurethane Paint finish, which has been proven to be more durable than traditional powder coat finishes. This combination of primer and paint not only enhances the appearance of your trailer but also provides superior protection against the elements, abrasion, and corrosion.
With our advanced painting process, you can trust that your Doolittle Trailer is built to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you're hauling heavy equipment, landscaping materials, or recreational gear, our trailers are tough enough to stand the test of time, ensuring that they look great and perform reliably for years to come.
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