Equipment Trailer

Stand Up Ramps
5' Xtreme Duty Needle Point 26" Wide Triple Beam Stand Up Ramps, EZ Lift Spring With 3rd member (On 14k Models)
Zinc Cast Coupler
6 Hole Adjustable Auto Latch With Zinc Cast Coupler
Self Cleaning Dove
2' Self Cleaning Dove
LED Lighting
Lifetime LED Flush Mount Lighting
Steel Tread plate Fender
Heavy Duty Steel Treadplate Double Broke Fenders with Tear Drop and Front and Rear Gussets for Added Strength
Slipper Spring Suspension
HD Commercial Grade Slipper Spring Suspension (on 14k Models)
Pressure Treated Decking
Pressure Treated Decking
Fully Wrapped Tongue
Fully Wrapped Tongue with Step To Deck
Stake Pockets & Rub Rail
16" O.C. Stake Pockets & Rub Rail
Double Screwed Flooring
Floor Double-screwed every 4 ft
EZ Steps
2 EX Steps for Easy Access
D Rings
4 Heavy Duty 5k D Rings
Safety Chains
Removable Safety Chains w Weather Hangers
Tool Box
Flush Mount Tool Box with Greaseable Hinges
Spring Loaded Jack
Removeable 12k Spring-Loaded Jack with Extended Handle
Gel Caps
3M Gel Caps on All Wiring Connections
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84' Wide 7,000 lbs GVWR
  • 18' - 22'
84' wide 9,990lbs. GVWR
  • 18' - 24'
82' Wide 14,000lbs GVWR
  • 18' - 34'

About the Trailer

Do all your Heavy-duty hauling with Xtreme by Doolittle. Tandem Axle Flatbeds, customized with deluxe components for the extreme “Long Haul”.
Key Features
  • 4 Heavy Duty D-Rings
  • Extra Wide Flip-up Ramps
  • Wrap Tongue w/ Step to Deck
  • EZ Steps
  • LED Lights
  • Removable 12k Jack on 14k Models
Standard Features
  • 82″ Deck Width (14K)
  • 84″ Deck Width (7K & 10K)
  • Colors: Black, Red and Grey
  • Heavy Duty Diamond Plate Teardrop Fenders
  • 12K Removable Jack on 14K
  • 7K Removable Jack on 10K
  • 2k Removable Jack on 7K
  • 2′ Wood Dove
  • 4 Heavy Duty D-Rings
  • LED Lights
  • Adjustable 2 5/16″ Coupler
  • 27″ Removable Safety Chains w Weather Hangers
  • Fabricated Fender Gussets (Front & Back)
  • 2″ Treated Pine Floor
  • 6″ Front Pipe Bump Rail
  • Floor Double Screwed Every 4′
  • Break-A-Way Switch With Battery
  • Diamond Plate Step To Deck On Each Side
  • E-Z Lube Hubs
  • White Spoke Wheels
  • 7 Way RV Plug
  • Acid Etching Phosphate Wash System
  • Deburred and Hand Prepped Before Painting
  • Stake Pocket Tie Downs
  • Slipper Spring Suspension or 14K
  • EZ Steps
  • Finish is a 2 Component Epoxy Primer and 2 Component Polyurethane Paint
Trailer Options
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  • No Dove CF/Xtreme
  • No Dove No Ramps
  • Coupler, Adjustable (Pintel Eye or Cast Auto-Lock 2 5/16”)
  • Heavy Duty D-Rings
  • Floor, Oak Upgrade per Ln Ft.
  • Floor, Steel 1/8” Diamond Plate Includes 12” O.C. Crossmembers Per Ln Ft.
  • Gooseneck 12” X 14Lb. I-Beam (Includes Spare Tire, Lockable Toolbox & 2- 12K Drop Leg Jacks)
  • Jack Upgrade, Adjustable Dropleg (7K in lieu of 2K) Bolt On
  • Jack Upgrade, Adjustable Dropleg (10 K in lieu of 7K) Bolt On
  • Ramps, 5’ Heavy Duty Spring Assist w/ Ramp Legs (7K Upgrade Only)
  • Ramps, Heavy Duty Self Store (10K & 14K Only, in lieu of Stand Up) (Includes 2 - 5K Front Crank Flip up Rear Stablizer Jacks)
  • 2 - 5K Front Crank Flip up Rear Stabilzer Jacks on 7K ONLY
  • Rub Rail, 3/8” w/ Additional Stake Pockets per Ln. ft.(Standard on XT)
  • 10” Drive over Fenders 14k Only
  • 102” Wide w/ Super Duty Cleated Drive Over Fenders Per Lin. Ft. (Xtreme ONLY)
  • 102” Wide w/ Super Duty Cleated Drive Over Fenders Per Lin. Ft. (CF ONLY)
  • 12” Pipetop Rail Front & Sides (Per Lin. Ft.)
  • 12” Pipetop Rail Front & Sides Mesh (Per Lin. Ft.)
  • Upgrade to 40” Wide Ramps (Includes Mesh on Ramps)
  • Tongue, per 1 ft. longer 14K ONLY
  • Tongue, per 1 ft. longer Includes Adj. Coupler on 7&10K ONLY
  • Dual 10K Jack Upgrade (In Lieu of Single 10K)
  • Removable Fenders (No Tools Required)
  • 2’ Steel Dove w/ Traction Bars
  • Self Cleaning Dove CF ONLY
  • Fork Holders 2 - 3” x 6” Rectangular Tube, Lockable (Either Side)
  • Winch, 8,000lbs Installed with Battery Includes Solar Charger
  • Winch, 12,000lbs Installed with Battery Includes Solar Charger
  • Winch, 15,000lbs Installed with Battery Includes Solar Charger
  • Winch Cable Wiring & Winch Plate (Winch NOT INCLUDED)
  • Winch Plate
  • Built in Tongue Tool Box, w. Gas Shock Assist, Lockable
  • 20’ Tilt Option
  • Brake, Double Electric 7K
  • Brake, Double Electric 10K
  • Tri-Axle Upgrade (Upgrade Available on 14K Only-Includes 8” Main Frame &12” o.c. Crossmembers.)
  • Brake Surge 7K Single
  • Brake Surge 7K Double
  • Brake Surge 10K Single
  • Brake Surge 10K Double
  • Brake Surge 14K Double
  • 16K Upgrade (In Lieu of 14K) Includes 17.5 Tires & 8” Frame (GT ONLY)
  • 16K Upgrade (In Lieu of 14K) Includes 17.5 Tires & 8” Frame (Xtreme ONLY)
  • Spare Tire ST205/75R-15” w/ Wheel
  • Spare Tire ST225/75R-15” w/ Wheel
  • Spare Tire ST235/80R-16” w/ Wheel
  • Spare Tire ST215/75R-17.5” w/ Wheel 16 Ply
Epoxy Tuff
Doolittle trailers are prepped with two-part Epoxy Primer and finished with two-part Polyurethane Paint, proven to be more durable than powder coat. This makes sure your Doolittle Trailer is durable enough to handle whatever you throw at it and tough enough to stand the test of time.
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