SS Series
Utility Trailer

SS Series
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660 Series
  • Single Axle 2,990 lbs. GVWR (8′-14′)
770 Series
  • Single Axle 2,990 lbs. GVWR (10′-14′)
  • Tandem Axle 7,000 lbs. GVWR (12′-20′)
840 Series
  • Single Axle 2,990 lbs. GVWR (10′-14′)
  • Tandem Axle 7,000 lbs. GVWR (14′-20′)

About the Trailer

Our SS Series Utility Trailer is our Premium quality steel-sided open utility trailer! Our SS Series Trailers provide versatility to haul just about anything you need. Perfect for lawn and garden use, including hauling mowers and ATV’s. Our SS Series has solid sides designed to secure and protect loads!
Key Features
  • 2k Jack
  • 5′ Mesh Gate
  • 2×8″ Treated Floor
  • A-Frame Tongue
Standard Features
  • Lockable Toolbox
  • Radial Tires
  • Removable Safety Chains w Weather Hangers
  • EZ Step with Front Marker Lights
  • 2″ Treated Pine Floor
  • Fully DOT Compliant Lights
  • Fabricated Fender with Double Gussets
  • Hand Prepped & Acid Washed for Superior Paint Adhesion
  • Finish is a 2 Component Epoxy Primer and 2 Component Polyurethane Paint
  • White Spoke Wheels
Trailer Options
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  • 7K Dropleg Jack (in lieu of 2K) Bolt On (Premier Models ONLY)
  • 10K Dropleg Jack (in lieu of 7K)
  • Coupler, 2” Bulldog A-Frame 7K
  • Coupler, 2 5/16” Bulldog (A-Frame) 12K
  • Coupler, Adjustable (Pintel Eye or Cast Auto-Lock 2 5/16”)
  • Casterwheel, Plastic for 2K Jack, Installed
  • Casterwheel, Steel for 5K Jack, Installed
  • Flip Up Jack, Top Crank in Lieu of A-Frame, Includes Third Member (N/A on SS Series)
  • Flip Up Jack, Front Crank in Lieu of A-Frame, SS Series ONLY
  • Jack Sand Pad
  • 5200 lb Axle (in lieu of 3500 lb idler axle. Includes Breakaway and necessary frame modifications. Modifies 2990 GVWR to 5,000 GVWR)
  • 7-Way Plug (in lieu of 4 Pole Flat) Includes Junction Box
  • Mesh Floor (per linear foot) Includes 12” O.C. Crossmembers
  • 1/8” Diamond Plate Floor (per linear foot) Includes 12” O.C. Crossmembers
  • D-Ring, Medium Duty 1/2” 2500K
  • D-Ring, Heavy Duty 5/8” 5000K
  • Additional Stake Pockets each
  • Wrap Tongue
  • 2’ Dove Tail 3” Drop (Doolittle Pipetop ONLY)
  • Lockable, Sealed Tool Box on Tongue
  • 2’ x 2’ Steel Sealed Landscape Box (Installed)(770 & 840 Series ONLY)
  • Crossmembers 12” O.C. (From 24” O.C.) Per Linear Foot
  • Spare Tire Carrier
  • Spare Tire ST205/75R-15 Radial
  • Spare Tire ST225/75R-15 Radial
  • ST225 R on 5 Hole (Per Tire)
  • Aluminum Wheel Upgrade 205/75-R15 Per Tire (In Lieu of Steel Wheel)
  • Aluminum Wheel Upgrade 225/75-R15 Per Tire (In Lieu of Steel Wheel)
  • Aluminum Wheel & Tire Spare 205/75-R15
  • Aluminum Wheel & Tire Spare 225/75-R15
  • Aluminum Treadplate Fender Upgrade S/A ONLY (Gusseted)
  • 5’ Heavy Duty EZ Lift Equipped Ladder Style Mesh Gate Upgrade(Avail. on Doolittle Pipetop and SS Series ONLY)
  • 5’ Light Duty Self Store Ramps in lieu of mesh gate
  • Side Landscape Mesh Gate, 5’ X 5’ includes wrap tounge & 2 Front Stake Pockets)
  • ATV Side Ramps (12’ or longer)includes wrap tounge
  • 12” Rear Board Holders(On Self Store Models ONLY)
  • Bi-Fold Mesh Gate Upgrade (On Doolittle Pipetop & SS Series ONLY)
  • ATV Side Ramps w/ Rear Ramp Hangers (No Mesh Gate)
  • No Mesh Gate on Premier Models
  • TA 7K 1 Axle Surge Brake (or Single Axles)
  • TA 7K 2 Axle Surge Brake
  • TA 10K 1 Axle Surge Brake
  • TA 10K 2 Axle Surge Brake
  • Double Electric Brake on 7K
  • Double Electric Brake on 10K
  • High Sides (per linear foot)
  • Mesh Sides (per linear foot, includes extra Hgt)
  • Steel Sides (per linear foot, includes extra Hgt)
  • Weed Eater Racks - 3 Tier (Installed)
  • Weed Eater Racks - 4 Tier Rubber Coated
  • Water Cooler Holder (Bolt On)
  • Gas Can Rack (Bolt On)
  • Trimmer Spool Holder with Cutter (Bolt On)
Epoxy Tuff
Doolittle trailers are prepped with two-part Epoxy Primer and finished with two-part Polyurethane Paint, proven to be more durable than powder coat. This makes sure your Doolittle Trailer is durable enough to handle whatever you throw at it and tough enough to stand the test of time.
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