Brute Force
Deckover Trailer

Pressure Treated Decking
#1 ACQ Pressure Treated Decking
Double Screwed Floors
Floors Double Screwed every 4 Feet
Safety Chains
Removeable Safety Chains w Weather Hangers
Adjustable Coupler
HD 30k Adjustable Coupler
Lockable Toolbox
Enclosed Weather Sealed Lockable Toolbox
Deck Supports
Deck Supports every 4 Feet
Bridged Frame
Bridged Frame (30' and longer)
Spare Tire in Neck With Removeable Mount
Two 12k Adjustable Drop Leg Spring Loaded Jacks
Headache Rack With Grab Handle And Customizeable Gussett Logos
3" Channel - 16" On Center Crossmembers
16" O.C. Stake Pockets & 2"x3/8" HD Rub Rail
5ft. Full Width Mammoth Ramps, Spring Loaded Both Ways, Locks In Both Standing And Down Positions. Our Ramps Lock Upright At 90 Degrees To Maximize Payload Capabilities And Give You Full Access To The Dove You Pay For
HD Rectangle Tube Rear Bumper with Flush Mount, Fully Sealed Lifetime LED Lights
Spread Axles
48" Spread Axles
Light Front and Mid Steps On 30 Foot And Longer
Brute Force
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  • Tandem Axle 14,000 lbs. GVWR (20′-30′)
  • Tandem Axle 22,000 lbs. GVWR (20′-45′)
  • Tri-Axle 23,000 lbs. GVWR (30′-45′)

About the Trailer

The Brute Force Deckover Trailer is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to heavy-duty hauling. Designed to handle large equipment like dozers, tractors, and hay with ease, it's the go-to choice for those needing to transport substantial loads. The emphasis on durability and strength ensures that this trailer can withstand the toughest hauling tests, providing peace of mind for users. When it comes to moving hefty loads, the Brute Force Deckover Trailer appears to be a top-tier option.
Key Features
  • - **LED Lights:**
  • Illuminate your path with energy-efficient LED lights, providing bright and reliable visibility for safer travels, day or night, while reducing power consumption for added efficiency.
  • - **Lockable Chain Box in Gooseneck w/ Lid:**
  • Safely store your chains with a lockable chain box located in the gooseneck, featuring a secure lid to protect your chains from theft and the elements, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.
  • - **8′ Self Store Ramps:**
  • Simplify loading and unloading tasks with 8-foot self-store ramps, offering convenient storage onboard while providing easy access for loading and unloading various types of cargo with minimal effort.
  • - **Spare Tire & Wheel w/ Holder Mounted on Neck:**
  • Ensure peace of mind on the road with a spare tire and wheel conveniently mounted on the neck of your trailer, providing quick and easy access in case of emergencies, ensuring uninterrupted travels.
  • - **2 Side Steps:**
  • Enhance accessibility with two side steps, strategically placed for easy entry and exit, ensuring added convenience and safety during loading and unloading activities.
  • - **Headache Rack:**
  • Protect your cab and cargo with a headache rack, providing sturdy reinforcement and shielding against shifting cargo and rear-end collisions, ensuring safety and peace of mind during transport.
  • - **Dual 12K Spring Loaded Jacks:**
  • Facilitate effortless hitching and unhitching operations with dual 12K spring-loaded jacks, offering reliable support and stability for your trailer while reducing physical strain and ensuring efficient setup and teardown processes.
Standard Features
  • 16″ On-center Stake Pockets w/ 3/8″ Rub Rail
  • Adjustable Gooseneck w/ Headache Rack
  • Lockable Chain Box in Gooseneck w/ Lid
  • Mud Flaps
  • 8’ Self Store Ramps
  • Step To Deck Both Sides
  • 2” Treated Yellow Pine Floor
  • Floor Double Screwed every 4 Feet
  • Leaf Springs w/ Equalizers & Cambered Axles
  • Spare Tire & Wheel w/ Holder Mounted on Neck
  • Rear Receiver Hitch
  • Molded 7-way RV-Type Plug
  • Break-Away Switch with Battery
  • Wiring Ran Through Conduit w/ Grommets
  • DOT Safety Tape
  • LED Lights w/ Midway Turn Signal
  • Dual 12K Jacks w/ Adjustable Drop Legs
  • 36” Removable Safety Chains w Weather Hangers
  • Deburred and Hand Prepped before Painting
  • Phosphate Washed before Painting
  • Finish is a 2 Component Epoxy Primer & 2 Component Polyurethane Paint
  • 10′ Torque Tube
  • 3″ Channel Crossmembers on 16″ Caters
Trailer Options
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  • 5’ w/ 2 - 5’ Ramps Dovetail
  • 5’ w/ 3 - 5’ Ramps Dovetail
  • 5’ w/ 2 - 5’ Mammoth Ramps
  • No Ramps
  • Stationary Deck for Tilt Option
  • Tilt Option on 20K - 26K (Dual Cylinder, 24’ and up)
  • Tilt Option on 14k (Dual Cylinder, 22’ and up)
  • TA 16K GVWR Upgrade, 14K Only( includes 17.5 Wheels w/ Rated Tires)
  • TA 26K GVWR Upgrade, 22K Only
  • TA 30K GVWR Upgrade, 22K Only (Includes 17.5” Steel Wheels w/Rated Tires, 3” Channel Crossmembers on 12” Centers, 30K Rated Coupler Electric Brake 26LB, 14” I-Beam)
  • Tri-Axle 30K
  • 7000 Lb. Torsion Axle in Lieu of Spring (Per Axle)
  • 8000 Lb. Torsion Axle in Lieu of Spring (Per Axle)
  • Brakes, Air (Includes ABS on 1 Axle and Parking Brake)20K
  • Brakes, Electric/Hydraulic Disc 22k
  • Brake Electric/Hydraulic Disc 26K
  • 30K Electric Over Hydraulic Disc
  • 30K w/ Air Brakes (ABS 1- Axle, Park Brake 2- Axle)
  • 45K Tri-Axle Upgrade(16” 31lb Beam, 4” Crossmember, 12” O.C., 17.5 wheels/tires)
  • Lights, LED Side Marker, Each Additional
  • 36” Box, Tool Side Mount Chandler HD
  • Neck, 6” Taller
  • Deck, Over Neck 102” X 6’(Includes Stake Pockets & Rub Rail)
  • Frame, Pierced Beam
  • Heavy Duty D-Ring, Weld On, Each
  • Crossmembers, 12” OC Per Ln. Ft.
  • Floor, Rough Cut Oak Upgrade, per Ln ft.
  • Floor, Steel Treadplate 12” OC Crossmembers, per LnFt.
  • TorqueTube Per Ln. Ft.
  • 4” Side Mount Straps & Rachet (weld on or bolt on) Each.
  • 4” Ratchet Slider Bar per Ln. Ft.
  • Handle for Rachet (1 per Trailer)
  • Jack Upgrade 10K Dual Speed
  • Double 12K Hydraulic Jacks w/ Battery & Includes Solar Charger
  • Double 12K Hydraulic Jacks w/ Battery & Includes Solar Charger on Tilt Option ONLY
  • Cold Weather Plug
  • Chain Basket in Neck
  • Winch Mount In Neck
  • Winch Mount On Floor (3/8” Steel Plate)
  • Winch Mount, Wiring & Battery For Winch
  • 15K Winch Package Installed
  • 17.5K Winch Package Installed
  • Additional Length (Above 40’ on 22K models ONLY)Per 2 Foot
  • Air Ride (22K and up)
  • Bridged Frame (Standard on 30’ and longer)
  • Chain Slider in Lieu of every other Stake Pocket Per Linear Ft.
Epoxy Tuff
At Doolittle Trailers, we understand the importance of durability and longevity when it comes to your trailer's finish. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that our trailers are prepped and finished with top-quality materials that are built to last.
Each Doolittle trailer is prepped with a two-part Epoxy Primer, providing a strong foundation for the paint to adhere to. We then apply a two-part Polyurethane Paint finish, which has been proven to be more durable than traditional powder coat finishes. This combination of primer and paint not only enhances the appearance of your trailer but also provides superior protection against the elements, abrasion, and corrosion.
With our advanced painting process, you can trust that your Doolittle Trailer is built to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you're hauling heavy equipment, landscaping materials, or recreational gear, our trailers are tough enough to stand the test of time, ensuring that they look great and perform reliably for years to come.
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